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Die Goldene Europa (1990)

Tina Turner - Die Goldene Europa - TV

Die Goldene Europa was a German TV-Award, presented from 1968 to 2003. Host of the show in 1990 was Manfred Sexauer, who was also the host most of the time of the German music show Musikladen. After Tina performed her recent German single Foreign Affair, she received the „Goldene Europa“ in the category „Lifetime Achievement,“ presented by the German politician Oskar Lafontaine, as well as a gold and two platinum discs for her Foreign Affair album.

    April 12, 1990
  1. Foreign Affair (Playback)
  2. Receiving Award
  3. Lifetime Achievement
  4. Receiving Certifications
  5. Gold & Platinum (Foreign Affair)

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