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Givin’ It Up For Your Love

was written and released from Jerry Williams in 1979 on his album „Gone“. Tina Turner covered it after the split from Ike Turner for her live shows and perfromed it again at her Wildest Dreams Tour, available on the Live In Amsterdam home video. She never recorded a studio version.

Writer: Jerry Lynn Williams
AlbumAcid Queen (Bootleg) (2019) / The Early Years (2019)
Video: Nice ’N' Rough (1982) / Wild Lady of Rock (1984) / Live In Amsterdam (1997)

  1. Givin' It Up For Your Love (Live) 5:39
  2. From the album 'The Early Years' with a concert at the Rockefeller Music Venue in Houston, Texas on April 25, 1983
  3. Givin' It Up For Your Love (Live) 5:34
  4. From the bootleg 'Acid Queen' with a concert at Maaspoort in Den Bosch, Netherlands on February 17, 1984 / Kenny Moore: Pianist, Vocals / James Ralston: Lead Guitar / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar / Chuck O'Steen: Keyboards, Vocals / Lejeune Richardson: Vocals / Annie Behringer: Vocals

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