Girl's (1987)

Tina Turner - Girl's - Single

Girl’s is a wonderful ballad, written by David Bowie and with drums from Phil Collins. It was taken from the album Break Every Rule, released with the same cover picture and the same b-side track as the single What You Get Is What You See only in some European countries. Tina performed the song live at her Break Every Rule Tour, a live version is available on the Live In Europe album from 1988. In contrast to the labeling on the single, the record contains an edited version of the song „Take Me To The River“. The extended version is only available on the American Break Every Rule single release.

Writer: David Bowie, Erdal Kizilacay
Producer: Terry Britten
Photographer: Bettina Rheims (front cover) / Paul Cox (back cover)
Design: Stylorouge
Release: February 1987
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl
Charts: Netherlands: #27

7“ Vinyl Single
  1. Girl's 4:56
  2. Written by David Bowie, Erdal Kizilacay / Produced by Terry Britten
  3. Take Me To The River (Previously Unreleased Edit) 4:11
  4. Written by Al Green, M. Hodges / Produced by Terry Britten
12“ Vinyl Maxi
Side A
  1. Girl's 4:56
Side B
  1. Take Me To The River (Previously Unreleased Edit) 4:11
  2. What You Get Is What You See (Extended Rock Mix) 5:09
  3. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten

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Tina Turner - Girl's - SingleTina Turner - Girl's - Single
Music Video

The music video shows Tina very sexy with a strapless dress, sitting on a big round platform with a sofa on it. While she holds a microphone and performs the song, several female models (including a young Naomi Campbell) are shown, walking slowly to Tina and sitting next to her. At the end, the camera zooms out and shows the whole stage. The video was originally released on the Break Every Rule home video as a bonus, but is still waiting for a release on DVD.

Director: Unknown
Home VideoBreak Every Rule (VHS, LaserDisc)
Time: 4:41

Tina Turner - Girl's - Music Video

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