TINA: Song

Freedom To Stay

is a country song, first released from Waylon Jennings in 1973. Tina Turner covered it in 1975 for the album Tina Turns The Country On. But because she recorded twenty songs for this album and only a selection of ten made it to the final tracklist, it was first released in 1979 on the album Good Hearted Woman. The track is now also available in a remixed version.

Writer: W. Hoover
Producer: Bob Scherl
Album: Good Hearted Woman (1979)

  1. Freedom To Stay 2:54
  2. From the album 'Good Hearted Woman'
  3. Freedom To Stay (Remix) 2:51
  4. From the album 'Goes Country'
  5. Freedom To Stay (Different Mix with Intro) 2:59
  6. From the sampler 'Those Were The Days'

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