TINA: Promo (Interview)

Foreign Affair (1989)

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair (Interview) - Promo

Foreign Affair (Interview) is a promotional interview in which Tina talks amongst other things about living in Europe, making videos and of course the recording of the Foreign Affair album. It is divided in 28 cuts with a total duration about 26 minutes, released on a white labeled vinyl record, marked with a promo sticker as well as on cassette. The vinyl release includes a ten page transcription with all questions and Tina’s answers.

Release: 1989
Label: Capitol
Format: Vinyl, Cassette
AlbumForeign Affair

  1. Interview 15:48
  2. Making videos / Promotion / Living in Europe / Performing live / Tony Joe White / Albert Hammond / Recording of the new album / Dan Hartman / Creative input / About the new songs from 'Foreign Affair'
  3. Interview 12:20
  4. About the new songs from 'Foreign Affair' / R&B roots
Tina Turner - Foreign Affair (Interview) - Promo

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