IKE & TINA: Single (Demo)

Everything Under The Sun (1966)

Ike & Tina Turner - Everything Under The Sun - Promo Single

Everything Under The Sun is a very rare unreleased demo recording, probably produced by Bob Crewe. The song was officially first released in 1967 by The Walker Brothers on their album „Images“ and a Spectoresque version - very similar to Tina’s version - by The Ronettes in 1976.

The demo acetate was found in London’s Notting Hill area in the late seventies at a market stall, selling records for 50p each. The disc was pressed by Associated Recording Studios in midtown Manhattan and features the same version as recorded by Phil Spector with The Ronettes. Tina takes the song at a slower pace and the familiar "sh-doop, sh-doop" backing vocals are absent. Her voice is double-tracked in harmony throughout parts of the song and strings and backing vocalists are featured to great effect. It starts off quietly and gradually builds to a „River Deep“ style climax, with Tina’s voice joined by the brass section. The record ends with Tina repeating “I need and want you, baby” before a tremendous shriek of „Baby!“

Beside of the ARS acetate, there is at least the two-sided Bell acetate, dated September 19, 1966. Someone has crossed out the 4:00 time originally listed and written 3:56 instead. Since The Ronettes didn’t cut it until October 1966, it would appear that Tina had the original outing with this great tune. It is backed with Two To Tango, which is another extremely rare Philles recording.

It is very uncommon for two acetates to be pressed with identical takes or mixes, and there is no exception here. While they are certainly similar, subtle differences suggest that the Bell acetate is, if not the finished product, at least closer to it than the ARS acetate. In particular, the swirling string line is very present on the fade and the subtler placing of the bass line further indicates that this is the more polished version. More significantly, the Bell disc is seven seconds longer on the fade and has also more echo on the vocal.

The biggest difference between the two versions is when the last chorus enters after the break at 3:29. On the ARS acetate you can hear Tina start to go into another section, and those two words (sounding like „You're my“) are not on the Bell acetate.

Parts of this post were taken courtesy from the Spectropop website with an article by David Young

Producer: Bob Crewe
Recorded: September 1966
Label: Associated Recording Studios / Bell Sound Studios
Format: 7“ Acetate

    Associated Recording Studios
  1. Everything Under The Sun 3:49
  2. Written by Bob Crewe, Gary Knight
    Bell Sound Studios
  1. Everything Under The Sun 3:56
  2. Two To Tango 2:45
  3. Written by Dick Manning, Al Hoffman
Ike & Tina Turner - Everything Under The Sun - Promo Single

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