TINA: Promo (Single)

Dos Personas (1988)

Tina Turner - Dos Personas - Promo

Dos Personas is a Mexican promotional single with two songs taken from the album Live In Europe Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, because in South America, this album was released as two separate discs. The single was intended for radio stations to promote the albums and includes a promo sheet.

Release: 1988
Label: Capitol
Format: 7“ Vinyl
AlbumLive In Europe

  1. Dos Personas (Live) 4:22
  2. 'Two People' / Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by John Hudson
  3. Bailemos (Live duet with David Bowie) 3:14
  4. 'Let's Dance' / Written by David Bowie / Produced by Terry Britten
Tina Turner - Dos Personas - Promo

Tina Turner, the only living legend who manages to give her own style to any song. Her stage show demonstrates a limitless energy. With her kind of striking dance she manages to magnetize the attention of millions of people and with her unique voice, she is simply the most professional female Rock & Roll performer in the world.

With this live release, TINA faithfully reflects what her world tour has been like; it contains several songs that have occupied the top spots on the international charts for a long time, such as „What’s Love Got To Do With It, We Don’t Need Another Hero, Two People, Break Every Rule, Typical Male, What You Get Is What You See“. 

In addition, she was accompanied by four international rock stars like: David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton and Robert Cray. This promotional single features the tracks: „Two People“ and „Let’s Dance“ (a duet with the musical genius David Bowie).

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