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Don’t Leave Me This Way (2000)

Tina Turner - Don't Leave Me This Way - Single

Don’t Leave Me This Way is a slow ballad and was first released from Malandra Burrows in 1998 under the slightly different title „Don’t Leave Me“. Tina recorded the song for her album Twenty Four Seven and released it as a single only in Germany. She promoted it at the German SKL-Show and performed it live at her birthday special Celebrate! The live version is available on the Twenty Four Seven (Tour Edition) from 2000. All other live songs from the single were also taken from the Celebrate! home video, recorded in London.

PhotographerHerb Ritts
Design: Jeremy Plumb
Release: February 2000
Label: Parlophone
Format: 5“ CD 
Charts: Germany: #78
AlbumTwenty Four Seven

Tina Turner - Don't Leave Me This Way - Single
  1. Don't Leave Me This Way 4:19
  2. Writer: Paul Barry, Mark Taylor, Bryan Rawling / Producer: Bryan Rawling, Mark Taylor / Keyboards and Programming: Mark Taylor / Guitars: Adam Philips / Backing Vocals: Sylvia Mason-James, Andy Blackwood, Paul Barry / Strings Conducted and Arranged by Robyn Smith, Mark Taylor / Performed by The London Musicians Orchestra / Recorded & Mixed at Dreamhouse Studios, London
    Additional tracks:
  1. The Best (Live) 5:42
  2. Steamy Windows (Live) 3:24
  3. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 4:18
  4. Recorded live in London 1999 / Produced by Ollie Marland
Tina Turner - Don't Leave Me This Way - Single

The live music video was filmed in London as part of Tina’s 60th birthday special. It shows her sitting on a chair in a glittering mini dress, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra behind her.

Director: David Mallet
Producer: Barry Ryan, Tony Gregory
Time: 4:24

Tina Turner - Don't Leave Me This Way - Music Video

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