TINA: Live (Concert)

Divas Live (1999)

Tina Turner - Divas Live - Concert

Divas Live '99 was a charity concert for the VH-1 - Save The Music Foundation at New Yorks Beacon Theatre on April 13, 1999. Tina opened the show, walking from a black limousine through the entrance into the theatre on the stage, first performing her anthem The Best. After a short greeting, she did a wonderful version of Let’s Stay Together and was then accompanied by Elton John on the song The Bitch Is Back and „the oldest diva of all“ with Proud Mary. At the end of this song, Cher danced onto the stage and they finished it as a duet. The entire performance from Tina, but unfortunately without Let's Stay Together, was later released on the Divas Live album and home video.

Actually, Tina and Elton planned an elaborate co-headlining tour after this event, with the release of a greatest hits album from Tina. But during the rehearsals, Tina wasn’t happy with the band, stopped everyone from playing and instructed Elton how to play Proud Mary. He then went into a rage, which he apologized for later. Because of this, Tina canceled all common activities and decided instead to record her final studio album Twenty Four Seven. So, this is the very last common activity between Elton and Tina.

Date: April 13, 1999
Venue: Beacon Theatre, New York (USA)
Home VideoDivas Live ’99
The Band: Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Birch: Bass / Guy Babylon: Keyboards / Davey Johnstone: Guitar / James Ralston: Guitar / John Miles: Guitar, Piano, Hammond Organ / Timmy Capello: Keyboards, Saxophone / John Mahon: Percussion / Stacey Campbell & Jenny McRae: Background Vocals / Elton John: Piano

  1. Intro / The Best
  2. Tina solo
  3. Let's Stay Together
  4. Tina solo
  5. The Bitch Is Back
  6. Tina & Elton John
  7. Proud Mary
  8. Tina & Elton John & Cher

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