Dance (1962)

Ike & Tina Turner - Dance - Album

Dance contains up-tempo, dance-oriented instrumental tracks from the Kings of Rhythm. Although this album shows Ike & Tina on the cover, Tina is not singing on any of the songs. Included is an instrumental version of their hit single It’s Gonna Work Out Fine from 1961, which is also the b-side track from the only single release with Prancing. The album was originally released in 1962 from Sue Records and was reissued on compact several times, among others on the double CD Dynamite! / Dance in 2018. It was also re-reissued in it’s original format on vinyl in 2014.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: 1962 / 1996, 2013, 2018 (CD) / 2014 (vinyl reissue)
Label: Sue / Collectables, Hallmark, Pickwick, Hoodoo (CD) / Rumble (vinyl reissue)
Format: Vinyl / CD

Side A
  1. The Gulley 3:17
  2. Twistaroo 2:17
  3. Trackdown Twist 2:15
  4. Potato Mash 2:15
  5. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine 2:35
  6. Wirtten by Rose Marie McKoy and Sylvia McKinney
  7. Steel Guitar Rag 2:51
Side B
  1. Doublemint 2:21
  2. The Rooster 2:35
  3. Prancing 3:46
  4. Single release in 1962
  5. Katanga 2:15
  6. The Groove 2:01
  7. Going Home 2:41
Billboard Review

March 10, 1962

Here’s a rousing, exuberant package of danceable instrumentals (the Turner's don't sing here) with strong teen-appeal. The line-up, featuring standout guitar work, includes „The Gulley,“ „Potato Mash,“ „Steel Guitar Rag“ and „Twistaroo“. Dual market appeal for pop and r&b buyers.


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Ike & Tina Turner - Dance - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Dance - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Dance - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Dance - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Dynamite! + Dance - CD
CashBox Review

March 10, 1962

For their second Sue LP Ike and Tina Turner, who recently hit singles-wise with „Poor Fool,“ offer a variety of swinging items in a fast-moving dancing vein. Teamed up with their Kings of Rhythm, a real hot instrumental group, the two-some belt out with a down-to-earth sincerity on twelve terpsichorean excursions. Most of the tunes here were penned by Ike. including „The Gulley,” „Potato Mash,” and „Going Home”. The couple’s fans should really dig this one.

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