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Countdown (1985 - ’90)

Tina Turner - Countdown (Europe) - TV

Tina & Adam Curry, 1985 / '86

Countdown (Europe) was the European version of the same named Australian TV-Show, aired from 1978 until 1994. Tina’s first appearance was in 1985, live from her Private Dancer Tour, where she received gold and platin discs for her album Private Dancer. One year later, she was for the first time a musical guest and performed two songs from her recent album Break Every Rule. In 1989, she promoted her longplayer Foreign Affair with a set of four songs and the last appearance was in 1990, live from her Foreign Affair Tour with the presentation of a gold disc and an interview.

  1. Receiving Certifications
  2. Gold & Platinum for the album 'Private Dancer'
  3. Interview with Adam Curry
    September 14, 1986
  1. Typical Male
  2. Two People
  3. Interview with Adam Curry
  4. Backstage Interview
    September 04, 1989
  1. The Best
  2. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  3. Foreign Affair
  4. Steamy Windows
    June 23, 1990
  1. Interview with Jasper Faber
  2. Receiving Certification
  3. Gold for the album 'Foreign Affair'

    All songs were performed lip-synced

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