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Cose Della Vita (Can’t Stop Thinking Of You)

was originally released from Eros Ramazzotti as a single in 1993. For his greatest hits compilation Eros in 1997, he re-recorded the track together with Tina Turner with his part in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and Tina’s self-written part in English. Tina performed the song also live at some concerts of the Eros & Friends Tour, available on the album Eros Live.

Writer: Music: P. Cassano / Text: Eros Ramazzotti, A. Cogliati, James Ralston, Tina Turner
Producer: Eros Ramazzotti
Album: Eros (1997) / Eros Live (1998)
Single: Cose Della Vita (1997)
Charts: Germany: #4 / Europe: #6, #9 (Airplay) / Italy: #4 / Spain: #3 / USA: #18 (Latin)

  1. Cose Della Vita (Italian Version) 4:48
  2. Cosas De La Vida (Spanish Version) 4:47
  3. Coisas De Vida (Portuguese Version) 4:47
  4. From the album 'Eros' and the single release
    Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta / Electronic Drums programming: Celso Valli and Luca Bignardi / Bass: Neil Stubenhaus / Acoustic and electric guitars: Mike Landau / Hammond organ and keyboards: Celso Valli / Sound and computer programming: Luca Bignardi / Backing vocals: Jim Gilstrap, Lynn Davis, Alex Brown, Phillip Ingram
  5. Cose Della Vita (Live) 5:06
  6. From the album 'Eros Live'

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