Complicated Disaster (2005)

Tina Turner - Complicated Disaster - Single

Complicated Disaster was an previously unreleased song, taken from the All The Best greatest hits compilation. It’s the second single from the album, released officially only as a digital download in Europe.

Writer: Steve Robson, Michelle Escoffery
Producer: Steve Robson
Photographer: Paul Cox
Release: 2005
Label: Parlophone
Format: 5“ CD / Digital

CD Promo, Digital
  1. Complicated Disaster 3:43
  2. Written by Steve Robson, Michelle Escoffery / Produced by Steve Robson

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Tina Turner - Complicated Disaster - SingleTina Turner - Complicated Disaster - SingleTina Turner - Complicated Disaster - Single
Goldene Kamera (Germany)

February 09, 2005

Like for the previous single Open Arms, Tina produced no music video, but promoted the song at the German tv show „Goldene Kamera,“ where she received an award in the category „Pop International“. After the ceremony, she performed Complicated Disaster live with her dancers.

Tina Turner - Complicated Disaster - Goldene Kamera - TV Show

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