TINA: Commercial

Chrysler (1990)

Tina Turner - Chrysler - Commercial

Chrysler is one of the big three automobile manufacturers in the United States, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. In 1990, Tina Turner did a series of TV advertisements for the Chrysler Plymouth family (Voyager, Acclaim, Laser, Sundance).

Plymouth Executive:

There's no better way for a car company to show off its great new body styles than having one of the finest bodies in show business as its spokesperson. Singer Tina Turner recently took on that role for the Chrysler Corp. The leggy superstar entertainer is featured in TV commercials for Chrysler's 1990 Plymouth line. Ms. Turner, who Plymouth executives said is "perfect" for the advertising campaign, is featured touting the new 1990 Plymouth Acclaim, among other models in the line. The new video campaign was recently unveiled at a showing in Highland Park, Michigan.

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