TINA: Photographer

Charlie Gates

Tina Turner - Charlie Gates - Photographer

Photo session in 2019 / Copyright by Charlie Gates

Charlie Gates is a British photographer who worked for clients such as Vogue, Alantic Records, Armani and BBC. In 2019 he photographed Tina Turner in her home in Switzerland for an article in the weekly add-on „Arts&Leisure“ from The New York Times newspaper.

„A true icon, legend and one the of the greatest. I had the honour in 2019 to photograph her for the New York Times in her home in Zurich. A real pinch myself moment. Even at the age of 80 she was jumping around singing and dancing. Still remember rushing around with my camera, missing focus and questioning why I decided to shoot everything on film. Since the day we met, Tina and Erwin kept in touch asking to see if I was okay. Even sending me beautifully written Christmas cards and asking me to come to her birthday. This was to a kid in his 20s who they only met for a couple of hours. A moment I won’t never forget.“

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