TINA: Promo (Album Sampler)

Break Every Rule (1987)

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule (CD-Video) - Promo

Break Every Rule (CD-Video) is a sample disc for the CD-Video format, introduced in 1987 at the International Funkausstellung in Berlin, Germany. It features three audio tracks and one video track, taken from the album Break Every Rule. The audio part could be played on CD players, the video part on LaserDisc players. This Tina Turner CD-Video was produced only for promotion from Pioneer in Japan. The format disappeared four years later in 1991.

Release: 1987
Label: Capitol
Format: CD-Video
AlbumBreak Every Rule

    Audio Part
  1. Typical Male 4:18
  2. Break Every Rule 4:02
  3. Paradise Is Here 5:35
    Video Part
  1. What You Get Is What You See 4:09

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