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Blues Roots (1972)

Ike Turner - Blues Roots - Album

Blues Roots is one of Ike Turners side projects, after he built his own recording studio „Bolic Sound“. The album was recorded in 1971 / '72 and produced two singles. Originally released in 1972 on vinyl with a wonderful gatefold cover, it was reissued in 2012 on the double CD Blues Roots / Bad Dreams.

Producer: Ike Turner
Recorded: Bolic Sound, 1971 & 1972
PhotographerFred ValentineNorman Seeff
: 1972 / 2012 (CD)
Label: United Artists / BGO (CD)
Format: Vinyl (Gatefold) / CD

    Side A
  1. You’re Still My Baby 2:54
  2. Written by Chuck Willis
  3. Tacks In My Shoes 2:57
  4. Written by Ike Turner
  5. The Things I Used To Do (I Don’t Do No More) 3:00
  6. Written by Eddie Jones
  7. Goin’ Home 3:05
  8. Written by L. Jennings, J.L. Lattaker
  9. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 1:39
  10. Written by Lloyd Price / Single in 1972
  11. Right On 4:50
  12. Written by Ike Turner Single in 1972
    Side B
  1. Think 2:56
  2. Written by Ike Turner
  3. Rockin’ Blues 2:51
  4. Written by Booker Lee
  5. That’s Alright 3:02
  6. Written by J. Rogers
  7. My Babe 3:00
  8. Written by Willie Dixon
  9. Broken Hearted 3:32
  10. Written by Jean Tucker
  11. If You Love Me Like You Say 3:13
  12. Written by Ike Turner
Ike Turner - Blues Roots - Album

Billboard - June 10, 1972

The strength of Ike's style does lie in his „Blues Roots.“ Producing himself on this package of blues images, including some material of blues great Willie Dixon and other masters, Ike proves his ability as a writer and artist of the blues as well as his development as a singIe performer. No horns, no Ikettes, no frills - just clean, pure blues from the roots.

Billboard - June 17, 1972

This is the album Ike Turner didn't want released. It's Ike with time on his hands, playing with his past, not thinking about making an album. The tapes were so personal we had to talk him into letting them out.

Ike Turner - Blues Roots - Album

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