TINA: Album (Box Set)

Beyond - Collector’s Box (2018)

Tina Turner - Beyond (Collector's Box) - Album

Beyond (Collector’s Box) is a limited edition box set of all BEYOND albums released to date and was compiled for the occasion of Tina's new book My Love Story. The box includes all 4 albums of the Beyond series as deluxe versions in hardcover books.

Release: November 2018
Label: iGroove
Format: 5 CD Box 

  1. Beyond
  2. Originally released in June 2009
  3. Children Beyond
  4. Originally released in October 2011
  5. Love Within (Beyond)
  6. Originally released in June 2014
  7. Awakening Beyond (2 CD)
  8. Originally released in November 2017
Tina Turner - Beyond (Collector's Box) - Album

Chanting is an important part of my life and working with BEYOND gave me the opportunity to express my spirituality.

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