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Back Where You Started

is a rock song, written by Bryan Adams and is the second collaboration between Tina and Bryan after their 1985 hit single It’s Only Love. Although the song was never officially released, it managed to reach the American and Canadian charts. Tina’s vocal performance earned her also a Grammy Award in 1987. Tina performed it live for her Break Every Rule special, released first for TV and later also on home video and the album Live In Europe.

Writer: Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
Album: Break Every Rule (1986)
Video: Break Every Rule (1987)
Charts: USA: #15 (Rock) / Canada: #85
Grammy: Best Female Rock Vocal Performace (1987)

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - AlbumTina Turner - Back Where You Started - PromoTina Turner - Live In Europe - Album
  1. Back Where You Started 4:25
  2. From the album 'Break Every Rule'
    Produced by Bryan Adams, Bob Clearmountain / Bryan Adams: Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals / Keith Scott: Lead Guitar / Dave Taylor: Bass Guitar / Micky Curry: Drums / Tommy Mandel: Organ / Jim Vallance: Percussion / Recorded & Mixed by Bob Clearmountain / Assistant Engineers: Steve Rinkoff, Paul hamilton, Mark McKenna & Richard Moakes
  3. Back Where You Started (Live) 4:22
  4. From the album 'Live In Europe'
    Produced & Mixed by John Hudson / Alan Clark: Keyboards / James Ralston: Guitar, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar, Vocals / Laurie Wisefield: Guitar / Don Snow: Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocals / Gary Barnacle: Saxophone, Flute / Steve Scales: Percussion

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