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Arsenio Hall Show (1992)

Ike Turner - Arsenio Hall Show - TV

The Arsenio Hall Show was an American late-night talk show form 1989 to 1994, created by and starring comedian Arsenio Hall. On February 20, 1992 he interviewed Ike Turner, a few years after the musician’s ex-wife Tina revealed in her book I, Tina that he was abusive. Hall first asks about the effect of those allegations, but later, after some candid discussion of Turner’s numerous drug busts, Hall is blunt: „You did hit her at one point, didn’t you?“ Ike’s ultimate response is startling: „If she stayed there, and we fought for 18 years, man, she must be one of those people who likes to be beat.” After a short pause, he adds as a caveat: „If it’s true what they said.”

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