TINA: Single (Special Release)

The Best - Winfield Cup Edition (1990)

Tina Turner - The Best (Winfield-Cup Edition) - Single

The Best was originally released in 1989 as the lead single from the album Foreign Affair. The song became the theme tune for the New South Wales Rugby League in Australia in the early 90's, promoted from Tina several times with TV commercials and two exclusive Australian releases with this Winfield Cup Edition and the Grand Final Edition in 1993.

Release: March 1990 
Label: Festival
Format: 12“ Vinyl
AlbumForeign Affair

  1. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix) 6:36
  2. The Best (Single Muscle Mix) 4:16
  3. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix) 5:29
  4. Writer: Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Producer: Dan Hartman, Tina Turner / James Ralston: Rhythm Guitar / Gene Black: Rhythm Guitar / Dan Hartman: Acoustic Guitar and Keyboards / Pat Thrall: Power Theme Guitar / Phil Ashley: Keyboards and Bass Pulse / Elliot Lewis: Additional Theme Keyboards and Strings / Phillipe Saisse: Additional Bridge Keyboards / Edgar Winter: Sax Solo / T.M. Stevens: Bass / Art Wood: Drums / Lance Ellington, Tessa Niles and Dan Hartman: Backing Vocals / Arranged by Tina Turner / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge / Additional production, mixes and edits by John Luongo for "The Office, Inc."
Tina Turner - The Best (Winfield-Cup Edition) - Single

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