IKE & TINA: Single

The Argument (1962)

Ike & Tina Turner - The Argument - Single

The Argument contains two non album tracks, both reissued on compact disc for the first time in 2004 on the double CD The Soul of Ike & Tina / Dynamite as bonus tracks. Poor Fool from the UK b-side was already a single one year earlier. In contrast to the oficial release, the promo single featured the track „Got To Find Me A Substitute“ on the flip side, taken from the album Dynamite!

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: October 1962 (USA) / August 1964 (UK)
Label: Sue
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Album: Non album tracks

  1. The Argument 2:11
    Additional tracks:
  1. Mind In A Whirl 2:11
  2. From the American release
  3. Poor Fool 2:35
  4. From the UK release
  5. Got To Find Me A Substitute 2:27
  6. From the promo single
Ike & Tina Turner - The Argument - Single

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