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Tina Turner - Switzerland - TV

Musicland, 1986

Since October 2018, Tina is an official citizen of Switzerland, after she lived there for many years in Zurich. To promote her records, she was several times on Swiss television with interviews and performances. In 1989 at the show Grell Pastell, she got a hand reading from a Japanese woman, who told her about her very long and special second life line. In 2014, Tina did a very nice and funny commercial for Swisscom io, in which she goes through her past from childhood until she got famous, played from other actors.

    Musicland / 1986
  1. Typical Male
    Grell-Pastell / November 16, 1989
  1. Steamy Windows
  2. Interview with Kurt Aeschbacher
  3. Hand Reading
  4. You Can't Stop Me Loving You
    Benissimo / 1999
  1. When The Heartache Is Over
  1. Interview
    50th Anniversary Swiss TV / September 20, 2003
  1. Short Interview with Tina in the audience
    Benissimo / November 26, 2004
  1. Open Arms (Live)
  2. Happy Birthday (Audience)
    SwissAward / January 09, 2010
  1. Receiving Award
  2. Category 'Show'
    Swiss Sports Awards / December 11, 2011
  1. When You Sing
    Blick / October 09, 2018
  1. Interview

  2. All songs were performed lip-synced, if not stated otherwise

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