So Fine (1968)

Ike & Tina Turner - So Fine - Single

So Fine is the title track and the second single from the album So Fine. The song is a cover version from The Fiestas, with lead vocals from The Ikettes and Tina on the backing vocals. The original American release has two different labels: The first is credited to „Ike and Tina and The Ikettes“ and the other to „Iketts“, which is also misspelled. A version with lead vocals from Ike Turner was released in the 90th on the rarities sampler Good Old Times - again with backing vocals from Tina. The song „You’re So Fine,“ also from the So Fine album, is very similar to this song, this time with lead vocals from Tina.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: March 1968 (usa) / April 1968 (europe)
Label: Innis, Pompeii (usa) / London (europe)
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #50 (r&b)
AlbumSo Fine

  1. So Fine 2:44
  2. Written by Johnny Otis / Lead vocals: The Ikettes / Backing vocals: Tina Turner
  3. So Blue Over You 2:30
  4. Written by Ike Turner / Lead vocals: The Ikettes
CashBox Review

March 16, 1968

Ike & Tina (Turner) initiate the lnnis label with a tasty soul brewing of the years back So Fine. Thudding rhythmic impact and a sensational showing from the star duo and their Iketts should move the side from blues charts into the pop action category. Fine track for teen programming and one that will see plenty of sales action. Flip: "So Blue Over You“.


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Ike & Tina Turner - So Fine - SingleIke & Tina Turner - So Fine - SingleIke & Tina Turner - So Fine - SingleIke & Tina Turner - So Fine - SingleIke & Tina Turner - So Fine - SingleIke & Tina Turner - So Fine - Promo
Billboard Review

March 23, 1968

Pulsating, sensational rocker kicks off the Turner’s new label, distributed by Pompeii Records out of Dallas. Material moves and grooves all the way through with a powerhouse vocal workout. A top r&b item as well. Flip: „So Blue Over You“.
Innis 6667

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