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Let’s Dance

was written and first released by David Bowie as the title track of his album „Let's Dance“ in 1983. Two years later, David was a special guest at Tina’s Private Dancer Tour at the NEC in Birmingham (UK), where both performed the duet Tonight and a long version of „Let’s Dance“. A shorter version was released in 1988 on the album Live In Europe and the long version on the home video Private Dancer Tour. This live version reached the charts in France at #18 on January 14, 2016, shortly after David passed away.

Writer: David Bowie
Producer: Terry Britten
Album: Live In Europe (1988) / Private Dancer Tour (1994)
Video: Private Dancer Tour (1985)
Charts: France: #18

  1. Let's Dance (Live Tina & David Bowie) 3:28
  2. From the album 'Live In Europe'
  3. Let's Dance (Live Tina & David Bowie) 5:15
  4. From the album and home video 'Private Dancer Tour'
    Jack Bruno: Drums / James Ralston: Guitar & Vocals / Kenny Moore: Piano & Vocals / Jamie West-Oram: Guitar / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar & Vocals / Timmy Cappello: Saxophone & Keyboards

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