TINA: Song

I Will Be There

was an unreleased song from The Bee Gees, released on Tina’s last studio album Twenty Four Seven in 1999. A version from The Bee Gees was later also included into their album „This Is Where I Came In“ in 2001.

Writer: Barry, Robin, Maurice Gibb
Producer: Absolute
Album: Twenty Four Seven (1999)

  1. I Will Be There 4:37
  2. Co-produced by Johnny Douglas / Published by BMG Publishing International / Engineered by Steve Fitzmaurice, Marc Lane and Paul Wright / Assisted by Tim Lambert & Andy Davies / Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice / Guitars: Alan Ross / Bass: Paul Turner / Drum Programming, Keyboards and Guitars: Johnny Douglas / Programming, Keyboards, Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer Piano: Dave Clews / Horns: Mike Stevens, Duncan Mackay and Nichol Thompson / Horns Arranged by Johnny Douglas / Backing Vocals: Andy Caine, Beverly Skeete, Sylvia Mason-James and Miriam Stockley / Recorded at Olympic & Sarm West, London and Powerplay, Zurich / Mixed at Sarm West, London