TINA: Song

I Want You Near Me

is a pop ballad, recorded in 1991 for the greatest hits album Simply The Best. It was also released as a single, but Tina never performed the song live.

Writer: Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
Producer: Terry Britten
Album: Simply The Best (1991)
Single: I Want You Near Me (1992)
Charts: UK: #22 / Germany: #53

  1. I Want You Near Me 3:53
  2. Produced by Terry Britten at Larrabee Studios, Los Angeles / Engineered by Robin Hancock and Mike Ging / Mixed by John Hudson at Mayfair Studios / Guitars, Bass and Drum Programming: Terry Britten / Keyboards: Nick Glennie-Smith / Sax: Timmy Cappello / Backing Vocals: Tessa Niles and Terry Britten

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