IKE & TINA: Album (Studio)

Get It-Get It (1966)

Ike & Tina Turner - Get It-Get It - Album

Get It - Get It is the only album from the duo on the Cenco label, with the title track as the only single release. In addition, it features also two previously released singles. The album was originally released in 1966 and re-released in 1970 under the different title Her Man…His Woman as a remixed edition, with strings and horns overdubs. In 1972 it was re-issued again with a different cover art.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: 1966 / 1970 / 1972 (Reissue)
Label: Cenco / Capitol (Remix) / Pickwick (Reissue)
Format: Vinyl

    Side A
  1. Get It - Get It 3:34
  2. Written by Ike Turner / Single in 1967
  3. I Believe 2:23
  4. Written by Elmo James
  5. I Can’t Believe What You Say 2:10
  6. Written by Ike Turner / Single in 1964
  7. My Babe 2:02
  8. Written by Willie Dixon
  9. Strange 2:39
  10. Written by Billy Preston / Single in 1963
    Side B
  1. You Weren’t Ready (For My Love) 2:39
  2. Written by Ike Turner
  3. That’s Alright 3:05
  4. Written by Jimmy Rogers
  5. Rooster 2:16
  6. Written by Ike Turner
  7. Five Long Years 2:42
  8. Written by Ike Turner
  9. The Things I Used To Do 2:26
  10. Written by E. Jones
Ike & Tina Turner - Get It-Get It - Album

Billboard - February 20, 1971

After years of paying dues and appealing to a concerned minority, Ike and Tina are finally beginning to break through. This album, which captures the dynamic duo in typical urgent style, lacks their soul treatment on contemporary progressions rockers, but is down home soul. Examine what Tina does with the blues/gospel warhorse „My Baby.“

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