TINA: Song

Earthquake & Hurricane

is a Willie Dixon song, first released from Tina Turner on her first solo album Rough after the split from Ike Turner. Willie released it later in 1984 on his album „Mighty Earthquake and Hurricane.“

Writer: Willie Dixon
Producer: Bob Monaco
Album: Rough (1978)

  1. Earthquake & Hurricane 2:30
  2. Recorded and mixed at Conway Recording Studio, Hollywood / Recording and re-mix engineer: Roger Harris / Assistant engineer: Phil Moore / Mastered at Kendun Recorders by John Golden / Production Assistant: Jill Marns / Strings and Horns arranged by Rick Kellis / Strings performed by The Gerald Lee String Company / Horns performed by The L A Horns: Rick Kellis, Dennis Faris, and Jeff "Dino" Deane / Special Thanks Fred Frank - for bringing Tina Turner to the Roadshow Family, Sid Mauer, Nick Albarano, Maye Hampton-James, Jack Baer and the Dogs of War

    Bill Haynes: Bass / Lenny Macaluso: Electric guitar / Ron Stockert: Keyboards / Bill Oz: Harmonica / Airto Moreira: Percussion / Background vocals: Mary Russell, Maxayn Lewis

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