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Early One Morning

is a blues / rock song, written by Little Richard and first released on his album „The Fabulous Little Richard“ in 1958. Ike & Tina Turner covered it for their 1973 album Let Me Touch Your Mind and released it as a single the same year. In 1993, Ike Turner released also a solo version on his album My Bluescountry.

Writer: Little Richard
Producer: Ike Turner, Soko Richardson, Warren Dawson
Album: Let Me Touch Your Mind (1973) / My Bluescountry (1996)
Single: Early One Morning (1973)
Charts: USA: #47 (R&B)

  1. Early One Morning 3:38
  2. From the album 'Let Me Touch Your Mind' and the single release
  3. Early One Morning 3:35
  4. From the album 'My Bluescountry' with lead vocals from Ike Turner

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