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Tina & Molly Meldrum, 1984

Countdown (Australia) was a weekly Australian music television show with local and international acts, produced at the ABC studios in the Melbourne suburb of Ripponlea and broadcasted from November 1974 until July 1987. It was the most popular music program in Australian TV history with Molly Meldrum as the 'face' of Countdown, who presented the show almost all the time. Tina Turner was four times guest as a host and musical performer.

At her very first appearance in 1980, she promoted her Australian only single Are You Breaking My Heart together with her female and male dancers. Two years later, she performed her classic track Nutbush City Limits and her new single Ball Of Confusion. It was also the first time Tina was host of the show, together with Molly Meldrum. In 1984, she was host again and performed two songs from her recent album Private Dancer. The last appearance was one year later, when she promoted with One Of The Living the second single from the Mad Max soundtrack album.

    November 23, 1980
  1. Are You Breaking My Heart
    July 18, 1982
  1. Host of the Show
  2. Nutbush City Limits
  3. Ball Of Confusion
    December 16, 1984
  1. Show Some Respect
  2. I Can't Stand The Rain
  3. Interview with Molly Meldrum
    December 22, 1985
  1. Host of the Show
  2. One Of The Living

  3. All songs were performed lip-synced

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