Afterglow (1987)

Tina Turner - Afterglow - Single

Afterglow is a pop song with Steve Winwoods playing keyboards, taken from the album Break Every Rule. It was the seventh and last single in America, primarily released for dance clubs and DJ’s, but was also available as a regular maxi single and as an import record in Europe.

Writer: Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
Producer: Terry Britten
Release: October 1987
Label: Capitol
Format: 12“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #5 (dance), #20 (maxi single sales)
AlbumBreak Every Rule

12“ Vinyl Maxi
Side A
  1. Afterglow (12“ Vocal Dance Mix) 7:13
  2. Afterglow (7“ Mix) 4:13
Side B
  1. Afterglow (Glowing Dub) 6:22
  2. Afterglow (Tina’s House Mix) 6:43
  3. Afterglow (Tinapella) 4:45
  4. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten / Additional Production & Remix by Murray Elias and Justin Strauss for Postand Productions / Remix Engineer: Hugo Dwyer / Edited by Tuta Aquino / Additional Programming by Eric Kupper
12“ Vinyl Promo
Side A
  1. Afterglow (12“ Vocal Dance Mix) 7:13
  2. Afterglow (Glowing Dub) 6:22
Side B
  1. Afterglow (Tina’s House Mix) 6:43
  2. Afterglow (Tinapella) 4:45

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Tina Turner - Afterglow - SingleTina Turner - Afterglow - Single
Music Video

A music video was filmed as part of the Break Every Rule tv special and shows Tina waking up in her apartment, preparing for a concert and meeting some friends on the streets and in a bar.

Director: David Mallet
Producer: Jacqui Byford
Home VideoBreak Every Rule (VHS, LaserDisc)
Time: 3:53

Tina Turner - Afterglow - Music Video

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