TINA: Song

You Can’t Stop Me Loving You

is a rock song from the 1989 album Foreign Affair. Tina performed it only once live at the opening night of her Foreign Affair Tour in Antwerp.

Writer: Albert Hammond, Holly Knight
Dan Hartman
: Foreign Affair (1989)

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - Album
  1. You Can't Stop Me Loving You 4:01
  2. James Ralston: Rhythm Guitar / Gene Black: Lead and Rhythm Guitar / Phil Ashley: Rhythm Keyboards and Strings / Phillipe Saisse: Mallet Keyboards and Bridge Chimes / T.M. Stevens: Bass Guitar / Art Wood: Drums / Danny Cummings: Tea Tray and Congas / Lance Ellington, Tessa Niles and Tina Turner: Backing Vocals / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

Q: Another song written by Holly Knight and Albert Hammond, is that what appealed to you in that one as well, the old fashioned emotions?

A: That one I didn't like much…. (laughs) wait! I felt gosh this song is repetitious, I don't know exactly what I can do with this, it reminded me of Nutbush, that straight on straight on, one of those right. But sometimes when that happens you've just got to stop and think, these kind of songs can hit. I mean you know when you've been out here a long time you've got to use some reasoning there.

What did James Brown do for years, you know a certain type of a one track thing. But there again we were talking to Roger saying this song needs work, we 've got to do something, we call it monotonous so to speak, and in the studio don't ask me how we made that one happen but I realised there's a black dance that I kept relating to and I said 'the black people are going to love this song' we're talking about the Soul Train kids you know the ones that can really dance, and I kept relating to the feeling of that. But we worried about that one we felt "hmmm I don't know Holly we're not absolutely sure about this one“. Then boom, the mix! The mix made it happen, we couldn't add anything to it because it wasn't one that you could really put a lot on because of the type of song it was but Chris Lord-Alge just sort of did a fantastic mix on it that made it happen, good radio song.