TINA: Guest Appearance (Video)

Women In Rock (1987)

Tina Turner - Women In Rock - Video

Women In Rock is a home video with rare historical footage, music videos, live concert performances, and personal interviews to showcase such legendary women of rock and roll as soul diva Aretha Franklin, Spanish-influenced Linda Ronstadt, rock goddess Janis Joplin, pop star Madonna, and (of course) Tina Turner.

Release: January 1987
Label: MCA / Virgin
Format: VHS / Beta / LaserDisc

  1. Let's Stay Together
  2. Music Video
  3. Proud Mary (Live)
  4. From the "Nice 'N' Rough" home video
  5. Show Some Respect (Live)
  6. From the "Private Dancer Tour" home video
  7. Interview

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