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Women Achievers In Entertainment (1994)

Tina Turner - Women Achievers In Entertainment - Book

Tina Turner, the queen of rock, started life as Anna Mae Bullock, an ordinary girl from Brownsville, Tennessee in the United States. Anna Mae grew up to have an extraordinary talent she could sing with such power and energy that by the age of sixteen she was on the road to success, becoming one of the world's best known singers and performers. The next twenty years were dominated by her manager and husband, Ike Turner. Ike gave Anna Mae the name Tina Turner and Anna Mae developed Tina's powerful image between them, they created a dynamic act. But Tina Turner's happiness was not complete and she tried to take her life. Through her determination and strength of character, Tina survived and reclaimed her life. She divorced her husband, paid off their debts, brought up their four boys and became one of the world’s leading rock and pop celebrities. Tina Turner's powerful voice was not her only route to success - her belief in herself and her fight for independence made her a true achiever.

Writer: Kate Hammer
Release: September 1994
Publisher: Exley Publications
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback
Language: English

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