TINA: Press Conference

Wildest Dreams (1995)

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams - Press Conference

Shortly after Tina released her new single Goldeneye, which was also the theme song for the same named James Bond movie, she announced her upcoming European Tour in 1996 and the release of her new album Wildest Dreams. First in London on November 15, 1995, dressed with a red sleeveless shirt with the numbers '1996‘ and then in Paris on November 22, 1995, dressed with a black & white fake fur trouser and top, she spoke about the recent James Bond movie, the next world tour after a two year break and the new songs from her upcoming album. For the press, she lip-synced the song Goldeneye, playing around with a golden water gun.

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams - Press Conference

Press conference in London (1996 shirt) and Paris (fake fur dress)

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