TINA: Song

Whole Lotta Love

is a rock song from the band Led Zeppelin, released on their album „Led Zeppelin II“ in 1969. Tina Turner covered it in 1975 for her album Acid Queen and released it as the very first solo single, while she still was together with Ike Turner. Tina performed the track only once live on stage in a very short version, while she introduced her band members at the final date of her Twenty Four Seven Tour in 2000.

Writer: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
Producer: Denny Diante, Spencer Proffer
: Acid Queen (1975)
Single: Whole Lotta Love (1975)
Charts: USA: #61 (R&B)

  1. Whole Lotta Love 5:23
  2. From the album 'Acid Queen'
    Recording and Mixing Engineer: Ron Malo / Aranged by Denny Diante, Spencer Proffer, Jefrey Marmelzat & Jimmie Haskell / Drums: Ed Greene / Bass: Henry Davis / Guitars: Ray Parker & Spencer Proffer / Keyboards: Jerry Peters, Clarence McDonald / Jeffrey Marmelzat / Congas: Joe Clayton / Arp, Moog & String Ensemble: Allen Lindgren & Jimmie Haskell / Strings: The Sid Sharp Strings / Horns: Tom Scott, Plas Johnson, Bill Perkins, Lew McCreary, Tony Terran & Charles Finley / Percussion: Denny Diante / Backing vocals: Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman & Kim Carnes
  3. Whole Lotta Love (Edit) 4:05
  4. From the 1975 single release