IKE: Demo

Use Your Head (1980)

Ike Turner & Holly Maxwell - Use Your Head - Demo

Use Your Head is a single sided demo acetate with a song from Ike Turner featuring Holly Maxwell. Holly (Holle Thee) is an American vocalist and songwriter and replaced Tina Turner in Ike Turner's band from 1977 to 1985 and performed again with him for eight months in 1992. This demo was released on the same label as the demo for the album The Edge in 1980 - maybe it was intended to include it into the tracklist of the album. A over six minutes long version was also released in 2022 on streaming platforms. Maxwell published her book „Freebase Ain't Free“ in 2018 and despite the controversy surrounding Tina Turner’s separation from Ike, she reported a positive professional relationship with him.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: approx. 1980
Label: Quad Teck Studios
Format: 12“ Acetate

  1. Use Your Head
  2. Written and Produced by Ike Turner / Lead vocals by Holly Maxwell & Ike Turner

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