IKE & TINA: Single

Up In Heah (1972)

Ike & Tina Turner - Up In Heah - Single

Up In Heah features two non album tracks. The title track, written by Tina Turner, was reissued in 2007 on the three CD sampler The Ike & Tina Turner Story. The b-side track, written by Ike & Tina’s road managerin Rhonda Graam, is only available on this single.

Producer: Gerhard Augustin
Recorded: Bolic Sound Studios, December '71
Release: January 1972 (USA) / March 1972 (Germany)
Label: United Artists
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #47 (R&B), #83 (Pop)
Album: Non album tracks

  1. Up In Heah 3:04
  2. Written by Tina Turner, Leon Ware
  3. Doo Wah Ditty (Got To Get Ta) 2:37
  4. Written by Rhonda Graam
Ike & Tina Turner - Up In Heah - Single

Billboard - February 19, 1972

Ike & Tina Have A New Single. It’s Called "Up In Heah.“ Pick up on it. The people will.

Record World - February 1, 1972

Tina herself wrote this song of sin and redemption and sings it with characteristic fervor. Dig Ike's incredible bass vocal.

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