TINA: Promo (Single)

Undercover Agent For The Blues (1989)

Tina Turner - Undercover Agent For The Blues - Promo Single

Undercover Agent For The Blues is an American promotional single to promote the Foreign Affair album on R&B radio stations. The song was also the b-side of the single The Best. Tina performed it live at her Foreign Affair Tour in 1990 and at most of her following tours as a stripped-down accoustic version. A live version was released in 1990 on the Do You Want Some Action! home video.

Release: 1989 
Label: Capitol
Format: 5“ CD
AlbumForeign Affair

  1. Undercover Agent For The Blues 5:20
  2. Writer: Tony Joe White, L. White / Producer: Dan Hartman

Foreign Affair Promo Interview

The title of that got to me - „Undercover Agent.“ It sounds like a great movie as well. I’m always liking those sort of agent movies and the spies and all of that and I thought "Oh what a great video. Immediately.“ I’m not a commercially thinking person. I think immediately the performance of it. Oh the video would make a great hum, hum… I’m already gone producing it for what the video would be, of what it would be like to perform in the promotion of it. I just thought it was so great, that was lying there. It said something about "it must have been a season for the fools". There’s always seasons - the summer, the spring. Who would ever think up…his words. Every single line. I would like the people to read Tony Joe’s words. They’re just such…they’re so real and that’s what got me as well.

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