TINA: Song


was written by David Bowie and Iggy Pop for the album „Lust for Life“ in 1977. David Bowie covered the song with guest vocals from Tina Turner in 1984 for his same named album and released it as a single the same year, but only credited to Bowie. Tina and David performed it live in Birmingham on March 23, 1985 as part of Tina’s Private Dancer Tour. This live version was released as a single as well in 1988, taken from the album Live In Europe.

Writer: David Bowie, Iggy Pop
Producer: David Bowie, Derek Bramble, Hugh Padgham
Album: Tonight (1984) / Live In Europe (1988) / Private Dancer Tour (1994)
Single: Tonight (1984) / Tonight Live (1988)
Charts (1984): USA: #53 (Pop), #28 (Club Play) / UK: #53
Charts (1988): Netherlands: #1 / Germany: #39

  1. Tonight 3:46
  2. From the David Bowie album 'Tonight'
  3. Tonight (Dub Mix) 4:19
  4. Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix) 4:29
  5. From the 1984 single release
  6. Tonight (Live) 4:15
  7. From the album 'Live In Europe' and 'Private Dancert Tour'