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Tommy (1975)

Tina Turner - Tommy - Movie, Soundtrack, Video

Tommy is a British rock opera movie from 1975, based upon The Who's 1969 „Tommy“ album. It features a star-studded cast, including the band members themselves, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Arthur Brown and Jack Nicholson. Tina Turner plays the „Acid Queen,“ a prostitute dealing in LSD, who sends Tommy on a wild trip. In addition to the movie, Tina recorded also the song Acid Queen for the soundtrack album and released a re-recorded version as a single in 1976, taken from her Acid Queen solo album. In 1993, The Who released the home video Tommy (The Amazing Journey) with an exclusive interview from Tina about her role as the „Acid Queen.“

Director: Ken Russell
Producer: Ken Russell, Robert Stigwood
ClothesShirley Russell
: March 1975 (Movie) / 1982 (Video) / 1994 (LaserDisc) / 1999 (DVD) / 2010 (Blu-ray)
Label: Columbia
Format: Album: Vinyl / Cassette / CD / Video: VHS / Beta / LaserDisc / DVD / Blu-ray

  1. Acid Queen (Soundtrack Version) 3:49
  2. Acid Queen (Movie Version) 8:56
  3. Written by Pete Townsend / Produced by Robert Stigwood, Ken Russell
Tina Turner - Tommy - Movie, Soundtrack, Video

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