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The Name Of The Game (1970)

Ike & Tina Turner - The Name Of The Game - TV

Tina with her new Jaguar, a present from Sammy Davis

The Name Of The Game was an American television series, starring Tony Franciosa, Gene Barry and Robert Stack. It was broadcasted from 1968 to 1971 on NBC and rotated among three characters working at Howard Publications, a large magazine publishing company. In the episode „I Love You, Billy Baker,“ which is centered around Sammy Davis Jr. who plays a Las Vegas entertainer named Billy Baker, Ike & Tina Turner had a cameo with a live performance together with The Ikettes Esther Jones, Vera Hamilton and Jean Brown. Also Sammy Davis shared the stage with Tina on two songs.

November 27, 1970
Proud Mary (Live), City Girl Country Man, Respect (Live Tina & Sammy Davis)

Ronda Graam:

The episode just had some stage shots of Ike and Tina, but for doing it, Sammy wanted to buy Tina a Mercedes. I said, 'Tina doesn't want a Mercedes. Tina is dying for a Jaguar.' He said he didn't know if there were any around. I told him I'd already seen the one. It was in this dealer's showroom - a white XJ6, four-door. Sammy says okay, how much is it? I think it was six thousand dollars at the time. Tina didn't know anything about this. So Sammy and I got the whole thing together, and he got the car and brought it to the hotel that night and parked it right outside the front door. Then, after the show, he told Tina to come out, he wanted to show her something. And she walked out the door and there it was - this gorgeous white 1970 Jag. Tina ran over and jumped right on the hood, leaping up and down on it, she was so excited. Then she took some of us for a ride, and let each of us drive it around the parking lot. She was so happy.

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