TINA: Guest Vocals (Soundtrack)

Summer Lovers (1982)

Tina Turner - Summer Lovers - Soundtrack Album

Summer Lovers is a soundtrack album with two previously unreleased Tina Turner songs. The track „Crazy In The Night“ was performed live from Tina in her early solo concerts, available on the Nice ’N' Rough home video. It was written by Garth Porter, a member of the Australian rock group Sherbet, managed by Roger Davies in the 1970’s. This studio version is only available on this vinyl release, because the album is still waiting for a release on compact disc. The second song „Johnny And Mary“ was maybe recorded together with the track Help in 1981 at Studio 55 in Los Angeles with Richard Perry. It was reissued in 1994 on the box set The Collected Recordings.

Release: 1982
Label: Warner
Format: Vinyl / Cassette

  1. Johnny And Mary 4:11
  2. Written by Rober Palmer / Produced by Richard Perry
  3. Crazy In The Night 3:53
  4. Written by Garth Porter / Produced by Dennis Kirk, Basil Poledouris

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