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Stand By Your Man (1985)

Tina Turner - Stand By Your Man - Promo Single

Stand By Your Man features songs from the album Goes Country, which is a re-issue from the 1979 album Good Hearted Woman. All songs are cover songs and leftovers from the Tina Turns The Country On recording session from 1974. The title track was originally released from Tammy Wynette in 1968.

PhotographerBrian Aris
: October 1985 (USA) / 1987 (Europe)
Label: Playback (USA) / Perfil (Spain)
Format: 7“ Vinyl / CD
AlbumGoes Country

  1. Stand By Your Man 2:44
  2. Writer: T. Wynette, Billy Sherrill / Producer: Bob Scherl
    Additional tracks:
  1. Lovin’ Him Was Easier 4:20
  2. From the American release
  3. Good Hearted Woman 3:30
  4. From the European release
  5. Lay It Down 3:37
  6. From the 7" promotional record

    All b-side tracks taken from the album 'Good Hearted Woman'
Tina Turner - Stand By Your Man - Promo Single

Billboard - October 19, 1985

THE BIG NEWS at New York’s Sutra is a distribution deal with Playback, wherein Sutra is handling a country album recorded in the ‘70’s by Tina Turner. The first single „Stand By Your Man“ is out now, with the album following in two weeks.

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