TINA: Promo (Remix)

Shero: A Tribute To Tina Turner (1994)

Tina Turner - Shero (A Tribute to Tina Turner) - Promo Album

Shero: A Tribute To Tina Turner is a rare American 9-track promotional record, featuring megamixes with spoken vocal samples from Tina and others talking about her. It’s a hip-hop tribute to Tina Turner from the D.J. Shero. The title and catalogue number are handwritten on the label. It comes without a picture cover and all tracks are untitled. The record was probably released to promote the home video release of What’s Love Got To Do With It - the movie about Tina's life story.

Release: 1994
Label: Capitol
Format: 12“ Vinyl
MovieWhat’s Love Got To Do With It

    Side A
  1. Shero Mix 2:03
  2. Shero Mix 4:05
  3. Shero Mix 4:31
  4. Shero Mix 2:34
  5. Shero Mix 4:36
    Side B
  1. Shero Mix 4:06
  2. Shero Mix 5:49
  3. Shero Mix 4:06
  4. Shero Mix 5:36

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