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Cher: 10+! You know she is great. I mean, it’s like, there is only one Tina Turner.


November - Live In Rio '88 (Album)
November - Break Every Rule (Deluxe Edition) (Album)
October - Don’t Turn Around (Single)
Wanna Take You Higher (Album)
The Soul Of Tina Turner (Album)
A Fool In Love (Album)


July - Do You Want Some Action? (Album)
July - Foreign Affair (Deluxe Edition) (Album)
June - Stronger Than The Wind (Promo)
June - The Best (Demo) (Promo)
May - TINA (Video)

The Bolic Sound Sessions (Album)

Bold Soul Sister (Single)

50 Years TINA (Book)
Female Force (Book)


July - What’s Love Got To Do With It (Kygo Remix) (Single)

I Got You Babe: The Best of Sonny & Cher (Video Guest Appearance)

The Incredible Life and Music of Tina Turner (Book)
Happiness Becomes You (Book)
A Tribute to Tina Turner (Book)
That’s My Life (Book)


December - Playing Rough 1979 (Album)
February - The Early Years (Album)

Looking Back (Album)


November - 80’s Symphonic (Album Guest Vocals)
November - What’s Love Got To Do With It (Symphonic Version) (Single)
November - Beyond Collector’s Edition (Box Set)
November - Live In ’93 (Album)
April - The Greatest Hits (Album)

My Love Story (Book)

Dynamite / Dance with Ike & Tina’s Kings of Rhythm (Album)


November - Awakening (Beyond)


The Complete Pompeii Recordings (Album)


June - Private Dancer (30th Anniversary Edition) (Album)

A Fool For You (Single)

MORE (Album)


June - Love Within (Album)
May - Heavenly Home (Single)
May - Mother (Single)
February - Love Songs (Album)
Tonight's The Night (Album Guest Vocals)


On The Road (Album)

Dance Classics Vol. 11 (Album Guest Vocals)


On The Road 1971 - ’72 (Video)

Sweet Rhode Island Red / The Gospel According (Album)


October - Children Beyond (Album)
September - Unity (Single)
Dance Classics Vol. 5 (Album Guest Vocals)
Dance Classics Vol. 4 (Album Guest Vocals)
Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (Video Guest Appearance)

Delilah's Power / Airwaves (Album)
Workin’ Together / Let Me Touch Your Mind (Album)


October - 15 Greatest Hits (Promo)
Beyoncé - The Ultimate Performer (Video Guest Appearance)
4 Decades Of The Tonight Show (Video Guest Appearance)

Come Together / Nuff Said (Album)


September - TINA Live (Album)
September - TINA Live (Video)
June - Beyond (Album)
March - The Platinum Collection (Album)
Beyond (Promo)
I’m Ready (Promo)

Nutbush City Limits (Video)

Rock & Pop Classics (Video Guest Appearance)
Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out (Album Guest Vocals)

The Archive Series Vol. 6 (Album)
The Archive Series Vol. 5 (Album)
The Archive Series Vol. 4 (Album)
The Archive Series Vol. 3 (Album)
The Archive Series Vol. 1 & 2 (Album)


It Would Be A Crime (Promo)
Private Dancer (Promo)
September - TINA! (Album)
September - TINA! (Promo)

African American Lives (Video Guest Appearance)
The Best of Bond…James Bond (Video Guest Appearance)

Playboy After Dark (Video Guest Appearance)
All You Need Is Love (Video Guest Appearance)


3 DVD Box Set (Video)
River - The Joni Letters (Promo)

Ultimate Santana (Album Guest Vocals)
River - The Joni Letters (Album Guest Vocals)
Building A Dream - Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy (Video Guest Appearance)

Kenny Rogers Rollin’ (Video Guest Appearance)

The Ike & Tina Turner Story (Album)


March - Teach Me Again (Single)
March - Teach Me Again (EPK) (Prom0)

Elisa (Soundtrack) (Video Guest Appearance)
All The Invisible Children (Video Guest Appearance)

Live In Concert (Video)

Ed Sullivan’s Rock’n Roll Classics (Video Guest Appearance)

Nutbush City Limits / Feel Good (Album)
The Hunter / Outta Season (Album)


October - All The Best (The Hits) (Album)
February - All The Best (Video)
Complicated Disaster

Oprah: 20th Anniversary Collection (Video Guest Appearance)

Raise Your Hand (Single)

Simply The Best of Tina Turner (Songbook)
The Very Best (Songbook)

Reworked Versions (Album)


October - All The Best (Album)
October - Open Arms (Single)
All The Best (Interview) (Promo)
All The Best (TV-Spots) (Promo)
All The Best (EPK) (Promo)

The Ultimate Sonny & Cher Collection (Video Guest Appearance)
Live Aid (Video Guest Appearance)
What’s Love? (Tribute Album)
Barnes Hits (Video Guest Appearance)

Live In ’71 (Video)

Don’t Play Me Cheap / It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Album)
The Soul of Ike & Tina / Dynamite! (Album)
Live In ’71 (Album)


Saturday Night Live (Video Guest Appearance)
Brother Bear (Album Guest Vocals)
Tom Jones & Friends (Video Guest Appearance)

Break Every Rule (Book)


Ally McBeal (Video Guest Appearance)
Super Hits (Video Guest Appearance)
His Woman, Her Man (Album)


Vital Artists (Promo)

A Fool In Love (Millennium Versions) (EP)


November - One Last Time (Video)
July - Twenty Four Seven (Tour Edition) (Album)
February - Don’t Leave Me This Way (Single)
February - Whatever You Need (Single)
All That Glitters (Album)

Talk To My Heart (Promo)
Twenty Four Seven (Promo)
Twenty Four Seven (Millenium Tour) (Promo)
Hot Video (Promo)
EMI Mailout (Promo)

The Best of Musikladen (Video)

The Kent Years (Album)


Celebrate! (Video)
November - Twenty Four Seven (Album)
October - When The Heartache Is Over (Single)

Twenty Four Seven (5 Track Album Sampler) (Promo)
Twenty Four Seven (Interview) (Promo)
Twenty Four Seven (Box) (Promo)

The Lion King Collection (Album Guest Vocals)
Divas Live (Guest Appearance / Vocals)
Aida (Album Guest Vocals)

Takin Back My Name (Book)
Black Americans of Achievement (Book)


Eros Live (Album Guest Vocals)

The Real T. (Book)


Cose Della Vita (Single)
November - Wildest Dreams (Special Tour Edition) (Album)
July - Live In Amsterdam (Video)
Private Dancer (Centenary Edition) (Album)
Hot Legs (Single)

Eros (Album Guest Vocals)
Diana Tribute (Album Guest Vocals)
Carnival! (Album Guest Vocals)


November - In Your Wildest Dreams (Single)
August - Something Beautiful Remains (Single)
July - Missing You (Single)
May - On Silent Wings (Single)
April - Wildest Dreams (Album)
March - Whatever You Want (Single)

Planet Live (Promo)
Behind The Dreams (Promo)
EMI Mailout (The O-Zone) (Promo)
Unfinished Sympathy (Promo)
Wildest Dreams (Collector’s Edition) (Promo)
Wildest Dreams (Promo)
Wildest Dreams (Sampler) (Promo)
The NAC Sampler (Promo)
Wildest Dreams (Interview) (Promo)
Laser Juke (Promo)
Dance Hits (Promo)

Queen of Rock (Book)
The Empress of Rhythm (Book)
Simply The Best (Book)


November - Goldeneye (Single)
Promo Lights Clip! (Promo)


November - The Collected Recordings (Box Set)
September - Greatest Hits (Album)
June - Proud Mary (Single)
March - What’s Love Got To Do With It (Video)
Private Dancer Tour (Album)
What's Love? Live (Video)

The Collected Recordings (Promo)
Shero: A Tribute to Tina Turner (Promo)
Tears To Triumph (Promo)

So Far So Good (Video Guest Appearance)
Grammy Greatest Moments (Guest Appearance / Vocals)

Women Achievers In Entertainment (Book)
Hot Songs (Songbook)


September - The Best (Grand Final Edition) (Single)
September - Why Must We Wait Until Tonight (Single)
August - The Girl From Nutbush (Video)
July - Disco Inferno (Single)
June - What’s Love Got To Do With It (Album)
April - I Don’t Wanna Fight (Single)

What’s Love Got To Do With It (Movie) (Promo)
What’s Love Got To Do With It (Album) (Promo)
Play This In Store (Promo)

From Far East To Down Under (Album Guest Vocals)
Last Action Hero (Video Guest Appearance)
Tommy - The Amazing Journey (Video Guest Appearance)
TINA (Tony Joe White Tribute)

What’s Love Got To Do With It (Songbook)
Tina Turner (Book)

Live At Circus Krone (Album)


May - Simply The Best (Single)
April - I Want You Near Me (Single)

Live In Chicago (Bootleg)
Live In Den Bosch (Bootleg)
Can't Beat The Music (Promo)

Music of Quality and Distinction Vol. 2 (Album Guest Vocals)

Nine of Tina’s Greatest Hits (Songbook)
The Best of Simply The Best (Songbook)


November - Simply The Best (Video)
November - Way Of The World (Single)
October - Love Thing (Single)
September - Simply The Best (Album)
September - Nutbush City Limits (90’s Version) (Single)
Live In Tokyo (Bootleg)

Love Thing (Promo)
Simply The Best (Promo)
The Bitch Is Back (Promo)

Two Rooms (Album Guest Vocals)
Vagabond Heart (Album Guest Vocals)

Tina Turner (Karin Aderhold) (Book)

The Best of Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary (Album)
Those Were The Days (Album)
Good Old Times (Album)
Shake A Hand (Promo)


November - Do You Want Some Action? (Video)
November - It Takes Two (Single)
October - Be Tender With Me Baby (Single)
May - Foreign Affair (Single)
March - The Best (Winfield Cup Edition) (Single)
February - Look Me In The Heart (Single)
Foreign Affair (EP) (Video)
Album Box Set (Album)

Hysteria 2! (Video Guest Appearance)
Days of Thunder (Album Guest Vocals)
Megamix (Album Guest Vocals)

Nutbush City Limits (DJ-Sampler)

40 Rare Recordings (Album)


November - I Don’t Wanna Lose You (Single)
November - Steamy Windows (Single)
September - Foreign Affair (Album)
August - The Best (Single)
February - 634-5789 (Single)
On The Road (Video)

Undercover Agent For The Blues (Promo)
Foreign Affair (Special Four Track Sampler) (Promo)
Foreign Affair (Interview) (Promo)


December - Tonight (Single)
May - A Change Is Gonna Come (Single)
April - More Live! (Album)
March - Live In Europe (Album)
March - Nutbush City Limits (Single)
March - Addicted To Love (Single)
Live In Rio '88 (Video)

Live In Europe (Promo)
More Live (Promo)
Tina Live (Promo)
Best 15 Tracks (Promo)

Tina Turner (Kate Preston) (Book)
Tina Turner (Andres Rodrigues) (Book)
Finger Poppin’ (The Warner Brothers Years) (Album)


October - Afterglow (Single)
September - Paradise Is Here (Single)
June - Tearing Us Apart (Single)
June - Break Every Rule (Video)
April - Break Every Rule (Single)
February - Girl's (Single)
January - What You Get Is What You See (Single)
What You See Is What You Get (EP) (Video)
Tina Live (Album)
Paradise Is Here (Live In Dortmund) (Bootleg)
Life Line (Bootleg)

Break Every Rule (Video-CD) (Promo)
Break Every Rule (Pepsi) (Promo)
The Tina Turner Montage Mix (Promo)
A Change Is Gonna Come (Promo)

Rolling Stone - 20 Years of Rock (Video Guest Appearance)
Women In Rock (Video Guest Appearance)
Zabou (Album Guest Vocals)
Prince’s Trust (Guest Appearance / Vocals)

The Picture Life of Tina Turner (Book)

The Ike & Tina Turner Sessions (Album)


October - Two People (Single)
September - Break Every Rule (Album)
August - Typical Male (Single)
March - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) (Video)
Duets (Bootleg)

Private Dancer (Promo)
We Got The Taste (Promo)
Overnight Sensation (Promo)
Back Where You Started (Promo)
Break Every Rule (Interview) (Promo)

August (Album Guest Vocals)

Shake A Hand (Single)
Multimix (Single)
Golden Empire (Single)

The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Video)

I, Tina - My Life Story (Biography) (Book)
Break Every Rule (Songbook)
Tina Turner (Gerhard Augustin) (Book)
The Tina Turner Experience (Book)
Tina Turner (D.L. Mabery) (Book)
Tina! (Steven Ivory) (Book)
Tina Turner (Teresa Koenig) (Book)

Queen of Rock’n Roll (Album)
Workin’ Together - The Best of the Rest (Album)


November - It’s Only Love (Single)
November - Private Dance Mixes (Album)
October - Stand By Your Man (Single)
September - One Of The Living (Single)
August - Private Dancer Tour (Video)
July - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) (Soundtrack)
June - We Don’t Need Another Hero (Single)
March - Show Some Respect (Single)
February - I Can’t Stand The Rain (Single)
Interview Picture Disc (Bootleg)
Live In Birmingham (Bootleg)

Video Disco (Promo)
Hot Rocks (Radioshow) (Promo)

We Are The World (Guest Appearance / Vocals)

Living For The City (Single)

Tina (Bart Mills) (Book)
Look Book (Book)
Fotofile (Book)
Popstar Album (Book)
The Tina Turner Story (Book)
Tina Turner (Laura Fissinger) (Book)

Golden Empire (Album)


December - Private Dancer (EP) (Video)
November - Tonight (Single)
October - Private Dancer (Single)
August - Better Be Good To Me (Single)
June - Wild Lady of Rock (Video)
May - Private Dancer (Album)
May - What’s Love Got To Do With It (Single)
February - Help (Single)

Private Dancer (Promo)
Now That’s What I Call Music (Promo)

Reckless (Album Guest Vocals)
Tonight (Album Guest Vocals)
Man On The Line (Album Guest Vocals)

Lean On Me (Promo)
The Wedding (Single)

Mini (Album)


November - Let’s Stay Together (Single)
Live At The Roxy (Video Guest Appearance)

A Fool In Love (EP)
Sue Sessions (EP)


April - Ball Of Confusion (Single)
Nice 'N' Rough (Video)

Shame, Shame, Shame (Single)
Rock Me Baby (Album)


The Bitch Is Back (Album)


Are You Breaking My Heart (Single)

Party Vibes (Promo)

The Edge (Album)


November - Love Explosion (Single)
November - Music Keeps Me Dancin’ (Single)
May - At The Apollo (Video)
April - Sometimes When We Touch (Single)
March - Love Explosion (Album)
Fruits Of The Night (Single)
Music Keeps Me Dancin’ (Album)
Good Hearted Woman (Album)

Backstabbers (Promo)
If This Is Our Last Time (Promo)


December - Viva La Money (Single)
September - Rough (Album)
Root, Toot Undisputable Rock’n Roller (Single)
Lonely Hearts Club Band (Video Guest Appearance)

Airwaves (Album)


Under My Thumb (Single)

Delilah’s Power (Album)


January - Acid Queen (Single)

All This And World War II (Album Guest Vocals)

The Very Best of Ike & Tina Turner (Album)


October - Whole Lotta Love (Single)
August - Acid Queen (Album)
Tommy (Guest Appearance / Vocals)

Delilah's Power (Single)
Baby, Get It On (Single)

Souled From The Vaults (Album)
Star Collection Vol. 2 (Album)
Greatest Hits (Album)
20 Super Hits (Album)
The Queen (Album)


August - Tina Turns The Country On (Album)

Sexy Ida (Single)
Father Alone (Single)
River Deep, Mountain High (Single)
Sweet Rhode Island Red (Single)

Here’s Johnny (Album Guest Vocals)
Apostrophe (Album Guest Vocals)

TNT (Album)
Sweet Rhode Island Red (Album)
The Gospel According To Ike And Tina (Album)
Fantastic Ike & Tina (Album)


Goodbye So Long (EP)
Annie Had A Baby (Single)
I Can’t Stop Loving You (Single)
Nutbush City Limits (Single)
Work On Me (Single)
With A Little Help From My Friends (Single)
Early One Morning (Single)

Over-Nite Sensation (Album Guest Vocals)

Nutbush City Limits (Album)
The World Of Ike & Tina (Album)
The Best of Ike and Tina (Album)
Let Me Touch Your Mind (Album)
16 Great Performances (Album)
Peaches (Album)
The Best of Ike & Tina Turner (Sampler)


So Fine (EP)
Ooh Poo Pah Doo (EP)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Single)
Let Me Touch Your Mind (Single)
Games People Play (Promo)
Get Back  (Single)
Feel Good (Single)
Up In Heah (Single)
What You Don’t See (Is Better Yet) (Single)

Cocksucker Blues (Movie Guest Appearance)

Too Hot To Hold (Album)
The Tina Turner Show (Promo)
Feel Good (Album)
Star Collection (Album)


You Don't Love Me (Yes I Know) (Single)
Baby (What You Want Me To Do) (Single)
Soul To Soul (Promo)
What You Hear Is What You Get (EP)
What You Hear Is What You Get (Promo)
I’m Yours (Single)
Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Single)
Proud Mary (Single)
Workin’ Together (EP)

Taking Off (Movie Guest Appearance)
Soul To Soul (Album Guest Vocals)

Nuff Said (Album)
Live In Paris (Album)
What You Hear Is What You Get (Album)
The Fantastic Ike & Tina (Album)
Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Album)


All In My Mind (Single)
Hard Times (Single)
Respect (Single)
Workin’ Together (Single)
Workin’ Together (Promo)
I Want To Take You Higher (Single)
Make 'Em Wait (Single)
Come Together (Single)

Gimme Shelter (Movie Guest Appearance)
It’s Your Thing (Movie Guest Appearance)

Workin’ Together (Album)
Get It Together (Album)
Come Together (Album)
Festival Of Live Performances (Album)
Her Man…His Woman (Album)
On Stage (Album)


Flee Flee Fla (Single)
I Know (Single)
I Wanna Jump (Single)
Crazy Bout You Baby (Single)
The Hunter (Single)
Shake A Tail Feather (Single)
Cussin’, Cryin’ & Carryin’ On (Single)
I Wish It Would Rain (Single)
Son Of A Preacher Man (Single)
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Single)
Outta Season (Single)
I’m Gonna Do All I Can (Single)

Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Album)
The Hunter (Album)
Cussin’, Cryin’ And Carryin’ On (Album)
Ike & Tina Turner’s Greatest Hits (Album)
In Person (Album)
Outta Season (Album)
The Fantastic Ike And Tina Turner (Album)


You Got What You Wanted (Single)
We Need An Understanding (Single)
I Better Get Ta Steppin’ (Single)
So Fine (Single)
Betcha Can’t Kiss Me (Single)

Please, Please, Please (Album)
So Fine (Album)


Get It, Get It (Single)
I’ll Never Need More Than This (Single)

Ike & Tina’s Greatest Hits (Album)


Something's Got A Hold Of Me (Single)
Oh Baby! (Single)
I Wish My Dream Would Come True (Single)
Two To Tango (Single)
A Love Like Yours (Single)
Dust My Broom (Single)
Dear John (Single)
Everything Under The Sun (Promo)
Anything You Wasn’t Born With (Single)
River Deep, Mountain High (Single)

River Deep, Mountain High (Album)
Get It, Get It (Album)


The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Single)
Stagger Lee And Billy (Single)
Two Is A Couple (Single)
Gonna Have Fun (Single)
Somebody Needs You (Single)
Goodbye So Long (Single)
He’s The One (Single)
Tell Her I’m Not Home (Single)

The Soul Of Ike & Tina (Album)
The Greatest Hits Of Ike & Tina Turner (Album)
The Ike & Tina Turner Show Vol. 2 (Album)
The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Album)


The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner (EP)
Ooh Poop A Doo (Single)
Please, Please, Please (Single)
Finger Poppin’ (Single)
I Can’t Believe What You Say (Single)
A Fool For A Fool (Single)
Strange (Single)
Too Many Ties That Bind (Single)
You Can’t Miss Nothing (That You Never Had) (Single)

Poor Little Fool (Single Guest Vocals)

Revue Live (Album)


If I Can't Be First (Single)
Don’t Play Me Cheap (Single)

It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Album)
Don’t Play Me Cheap (Album)
Dynamite! (Album)


Please Don't Hurt Me (Single)
The Argument (Single)
Tina’s Dilemma (Single)
You Should’a Treated Me Right (Single)
Prancing (Single)
Tra La La La La (Single)

Dance with Ike & Tina Turner’s Kings of Rhythm (Album)


Poor Fool (Single)
It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Single)
I’m Jealous (Single)

The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner (Album)


I Idolize You (Single)
You’re My Baby (Single)
A Fool In Love (Single)


Boxtop (Single)