TINA: Promo (Live)

Planet Live! (1996)

Tina Turner - Planet Live! - Promo

Planet Live! is an European limited edition live radio promo series sponsored by Coca-Cola. It features the complete live recording of Tina’s Amsterdam concert as part of her Wildest Dreams Tour plus two interview cuts. The two discs come in a generic paper slipcase with a transcription sheet.

Release: 1996
Label: MCM
Format: 2 CD

    Disc 1
  1. Whatever You Want (Live) 5:15
  2. Welcome Kisses
  3. Whatever You Want (Reprise) 0:40
  4. Written by Arthur Baker, Taylor Dayne, Fred Zarr
  5. Do What You Do (Live) 3:56
  6. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle, Conner Reeves
  7. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 3:42
  8. Written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  9. Missing You (Live) 3:50
  10. Written by John Waite, Charles Sanford, Mark Leonard
  11. In Your Wildest Dreams (Live) 6:09
  12. Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman
  13. Goldeneye (Live) 5:03
  14. Written by Bono, The Edge
  15. Private Dancer (Live) 8:37
  16. Written by Mark Knopfler
  17. We Don't Need Another Hero (Live) 5:39
  18. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
  19. Let's Stay Together (Live) 3:52
  20. Written by Al Green, Willie Mitchel, Al Jackson
  21. I Can't Stand The Rain (Live) 3:09
  22. Written by Ann Peebles, Don Bryant, Bernard Miller
  23. Undercover Agent For The Blues (Live) 3:31
  24. Written by Tony Joe White, L. White
  25. Steamy Windows (Live) 3:18
  26. Written by Tony Joe White
    Disc 2
  1. Givin' It Up For Your Love (Live) 2:56
  2. Written by Jerry Lynn Williams
  3. Better Be Good To Me (Live) 5:36
  4. Written by Holly Knight, Nick Chinn, Mick Chapman
  5. Addicted To Love (Live) 5:05
  6. Written by Robert Palmer
  7. The Best (Live) 6:58
  8. Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman
  9. What's Love Got To Do With It (Live) 5:43
  10. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
  11. Proud Mary (Live) 9:49
  12. Written by John C. Fogerty
  13. Nutbush City Limits (Live) 5:03
  14. Written by Tina Turner
  15. Something Beautiful Remains (Live) 4:12
  16. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
  17. On Silent Wings (Live) 5:06
  18. Written by Tony Joe White, James Ralston
  19. Interview Cut A 1:13
  20. What changes are you making to your show on this tour?
  21. Interview Cut B 1:26
  22. The dance routines on stage are very well rehearsed. Does dancing come naturally to you?

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