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Memphis Flyer is a free weekly newspaper, covering Memphis news, politics, music, entertainment, sports and more, founded in 1989. Tina Turner was on the cover in 2023 with a picture from 1985, when TINA - The Tina Turner Musical stopped in Memphis at the Orpheum Theatre from February 14. - 19. It tells the story of the musical and the Memphis born writer Katori Hall.

Issue: February 16-22, 2023
Pages: 3
Writer: Alex Greene
Photographer: Craig Sugden, Matthew Murphy, Evan Zimmerman
Story: Bring It All Back Home: Katori Hall’s retelling of the Tina Turner story comes to Memphis
Language: English

Tina Turner

„So many forms of music have their roots in Memphis, and my life and career have circled the city so many times. To bring my show to Memphis has huge meaning to me. If you had told me all those years ago as a small child picking cotton in Nutbush that this would happen, I definitely wouldn't have believed you, and thought you were telling me a fairy tale! It does feel almost like a full circle, to be returning home and to be able to tell my story in such an amazing way.“

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