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Max Headroom (1986)

Tina Turner - Max Headroom’s Giant Christmas Turkey - TV

Max Headroom’s Giant Christmas Turkey was a TV-Special with a running time of 60 minutes and Max Headroom as the host. It was aired on December 18, 1986 in America under the title „The Max Headroom Christmas Special“and on December 26 in the UK as „Max Headroom's Giant Christmas Turkey“. It contains many scenes with Max speaking from a TV screen, singing with children and talking with his guests Dave Edmunds, Bob Geldof, Robin Williams and of course Tina Turner. She comes into his livingroom with a present (a golf set) and is talking with him about what she normally do on Christmas, her recent album Break Every Rule and her upcoming tour. Tina also announced, that she will concentrate on her acting career after the tour.

The same year, Max Headroom had also a short cameo appearance in Tina’s Break Every Rule TV-Special, in which he announced Tina for her concert at the imaginary club „Le Zero“.

Max makes house room: Television's oddest presenter declares open house this Christmas and makes his previously unseen living quarters available to a procession of guests. Max Headroom's Giant Christmas Turkey finds the golf-mad stammerer playing host to a stream of visitors, including Tina Turner, Bob Geldof and Mork and Mindy star Robin Williams. Let's hope he will have cleared up the remains of his turkey dinner in time for their arrival.

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